Jecams Inc. | Swatches

Skin Fuchsia

Skin Greige

Skin Metallic Aluminum

Skin Parchment

1112 Silver Ice

1115 Caramel

1119 Deep Brown

1121 Blue Stone

BSL 5 Silver Screen

BSL 6 Classic Blue

BSL 7 Misty Blue

BSL 8 Midnight Forest

BSL 10 Camels Terrain

BSL 12 Raisen Bounty

BSL 14 Harvest Green

BSL 15 Cherry Blossom

BSL Hazelnut

BSL Tungsten Black

T105 Blue

T106 Navy

T108 Olive

T109 LT Green

T111 Burgundy

T205 Castle Grey

T208 Grey

T209 DK Grey

T218 Sapphire

T219 Cherry

ULT - 1701 Oyster

ULT - 1601 Field

Brown Rusti

Pure Crystal 8805

Snow Silver 8911

Snow White 6665

Note: Actual colors and gradients of the items may vary from the color on your screen due to monitor color restrictions and rendering.


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