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Process of making interior spaces suitable for occupation.

PCAB Accredited Contractor

The Contractors’ License law, RA 4566 as amended by PD 1746, makes it mandatory for all contractors in the country to first secure a license from the Philippine contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB) before engaging in construction contracting in the country. The question is, why is it necessary and essential that all contractors license?

The purpose of RA 4566 and contractors’ licensing is twofold:

  • To ensure, for the safety of the public, that only qualified and reliable contractors are allowed to undertake construction in the country; and
  • To promote for the benefit of the public and private sectors and for the national interest, the orderly growth of the contracting sector and the upgrading of construction capability.
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Fit Out Solutions

We are catering a total solution for office fit out - space planning, floor layout, 3D rendering, implementation and construction, commissioning and testing.

Jecams Inc. set-up a dedicated team to design, space plan and implement office fit out. The team is composed of experienced professional worker in their respective field, that is, architectural and engineering design and implementation. Thru collaborative process with our client, we are able to create workplace appropriate to your company’s individual office design requirements and budget. Read more in our Services.

Expert in production and installation of modular furniture such as workstations,customize tables, reception counter,office sofa, chairs and other ‘loose’ furniture. We have the complete range of services, from furniture design, production, logistics and site installation.

Offering fast turnaround, quality workmanship at reasonable price. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service and value for money.


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