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Rendering your life

Rendering is one of the process in 3d designing. An artistic tool that designer's used to bring their design to life. It is a long process to do, but the more patient that you used in waiting, the more it is enhanced and become realistic.
just like our personality and skills, each time we showed eagerness in work and patient to learn something more, we become more knowledgeable and skilled to our... Read more


A minimal living room is obviously where the journey starts.
Despite opting for a style that oozes sophistication, elegance and crisp straight lines, there is still plenty you can do to add character and unique personality to your minimal living space.
"Simplicity is the ultimate form of SOPHISTICATION".
"Simplicity is the ultimate form of SOPHISTI... Read more

Plastic Furniture Care

Plastics in furniture are strong, but can be scratched, or dented by hard impacts.
These materials are fairly resistant to damage from dirt. Regular dusting should help keep the surfaces free from dirt and help stop any scratches occurring.
Avoid contact with boiling water, high heat.
Do not use neat, steel brush as these may affect the colour and finish of the surface.
Most can be clea... Read more

Metal Furniture Care

Metal materials in our products coated with powder coating to help protect the metal from the rusty metal. However, effort should be made to protect this layer. Regular maintenance of the dust should be conducted to help keep powder coated area last longer.
Metal furniture in use, should not be overloaded. Shall not be affected by smoke, hot smoked.
Prevent moisture and from corrosion and stain... Read more

Glass Furniture Care

Glass is used for some table tops, and doors of cabinets and bookcases. It resists most chemicals and stains. It can be permanently scratched, so do not move rough objects across it, and do not use abrasives on it. Though table tops are heavy and strong, glass can be broken or cracked by hard blows.
Avoid piling heavy items on your glass furniture.
A regular maintenance schedule will help to ke... Read more

Leather Furniture Care

* Regular dusting and vacuum cleaning are the only necessary steps in caring for your product under normal conditions and use.
* For general spots and stains, use a mild solution of non-detergent cleaner, then rinse with lukewarm water and allow the leather to air dry naturally.
* For spots and stains caused from oils or grease, wipe with a soft day cloth and allow the spot to dissipate into th... Read more

Wooden/Laminated Furniture Care

Wood furniture requires care and maintenance to retain its uniqueness. It is not recommended in direct sunlight, near heat sources or in rooms where the climate swings. This may result cracks in glued connection.
For daily dusting, use a clean, slightly damp soft cloth and wipe in the direction of the wood grain. Dry with another soft cloth.
Avoid products of water droplets on the surface of... Read more

Fabric Care/Upholstered Seating

Dirt and dust that remains in the fabric helps to break down the fabric fibers and contributes greatly to shorten the life of the fabric.
Weekly vacuuming at least once a particular attention to the removal of dust between the fabric structure.
Spillages should be cleaned with a soft damp cloth as soon as possible to avoid moisture damage.
Oils andMinor spills should be quickly blotted ou... Read more

Office Furniture Care and Maintenance

Proper care will ensure the longest life of your office furniture system. Here are some simple tips to follow. The cleaning method will vary according to the surface finish/materials.
Keep your furniture out of direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure may cause the color to fade over time. If possible try to avoid extreme changes in temperature. Protect the surface from dents, scratches, and moistur... Read more

Jecams Inc.

Our company is now serving small, medium and even large companies and organizations. Our long list of satisfied clients attest our dedication and expertise to our work.

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