Call Center Setting

Posted By:Zahra Salmorin | 2016-04-12

Outsourcing jobs, such as call center attendants is very common in countries like the United States. Companies man call centers in countries such as India and Philippines because it is more cost effective. This type of employment is in big demand in the Philippines, which is why some schools are now offering courses that prepare potential employees.

Call center owners must maximize their office space by smartly designing their office with function in mind. Jecams offers a great selection of this type of furniture. With high end products, call center agents will be sure to improve their productivity. I think that setting a functional booths for a call center station is a must in order to ensure that call center agents will be able to serve their customer very well and that they would be comfortable while dealing with the customers.

If I am a call center agent, I would love to have a chair that would allow me to move freely from one point of my station to the the other side so that when I am working on an account that requires a lot of information, mobility will be the key do my job well.

A cramp work station hinders productivity.

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