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screen panel divider and executive table

Our screen panel divider and executive table pictured below looks modern and provides functional features that really maximize available space. The possibility is endless with Jecams, we do have a large selection of high end office furniture that would sure look faboulous in any business setting. Read more

Efficient and Functional

Choosing the right office chair is crucial to overall productivity. An office chair not only has to look stylish, it needs to be comfortable and durable.
Jecams offers an accordion wall system, operable wall systems, foldable partition, bookshelf, office chairs, center table, reception counter, and a lot more. The only problem you will have with their stylish, high end office products, i... Read more

A Relaxing Retreat

Most resorts offer a relaxing retreat with fine amenities. Jecams offers a line of products that would be a great addition to any office, resort or spa, such as hardwood furniture , modular seating, restaurant furniture, pantry tables, and more. Providing a relaxing atmosphere for your clientele is crucial to overall success.
You want your furniture to represent the quality, strength, an... Read more

Restaurant Setting

The first thing you notice when you enter a restaurant is usually the furniture and decor, not the food. An impressive restaurant setting must have high quality furniture that provides a comfortable experience for the customers. Some restaurants have an outdoor seating area where people can enjoy a relaxing dinner with a beautiful view and most importantly have a comfortable seating arrangement.... Read more

Carpeted Floor

If you wish to offer the comfort of carpet in your establishment, Jecams has that too. We have a huge selection of carpet, tile carpet, and roll carpet to choose from. Materials and labor are all included in the price of 1,500 per sqm. When you purchase carpet from Jecams, it is always a great deal with labor included in the price.
You can also rest assured the installation will done r... Read more

Comfortable Seating Arrangement

Working an office job is no easy task. It is hard on your back especially if you sit in a chair all day. To eliminate that problem, you need to have a comfortable chair to sit on while you work. One that can support your back and of course be comfortable on your bottom. You may love the selections that Jecams has for seating arrangements. Read more

Call Center Setting

Outsourcing jobs, such as call center attendants is very common in countries like the United States. Companies man call centers in countries such as India and Philippines because it is more cost effective. This type of employment is in big demand in the Philippines, which is why some schools are now offering courses that prepare potential employees.
Call center owners must maximize the... Read more

Presentation is Everything

When you are trying to attract new clients to your business, presentation is everything. This applies to everything including how you furnish your office. A well set up business office is a must because it creates a lasting impression on your clients. Even small businesses should have a presentable office to welcome their clients. You want to convey a message of professionalism and attention to deta... Read more

Floor Plan

A floor plan in architure and engineering is a scale drawing showing a perspective view from above. A floor plan also shows the relationship between rooms, spaces and other physical features in a certain structure.
A floor plan usually show the measurement or dimension lines of an area and it may be drafted in a certain scale, which means reducing the size of an area proportion to fit a paper.... Read more

Commitment to Clients

JECAMS Inc. has provided high quality of goods and services for 3 years.We carefully listen to our customer's needs.
Understand their vision and do everything we can to exceed our customers expections. No matter how big and small the project will be, We go above and beyond to make the planning process enjoyable, unique and remarkable. Read more

Jecams Inc.

Our company is now serving small, medium and even large companies and organizations. Our long list of satisfied clients attest our dedication and expertise to our work.

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